Play computer games while having full visibility of your stats!
Display temperatures, voltages, mhz, framerates, directX version, time, and much more!
GOverlay - Display useful information into your DirectX/OpenGL running game, developed by Ezequiel Gonzalez (TheLaGmAn)
requires RTSS

LCD Display and 3D Overlay with GOverlay

Gone are the days of ALT-TAB of viewing the amount of stress put upon your GPU or CPU from game playing. Too much stress lowers the FPS causing stutters or lag time.

GOverlay displays instant information using LCDSysInfo for GOverlay or using RTSS for 3d overlay right on top of your games so that all the information you have customized in the setup is within view in a well organized clean display window. Static text display, integrated information (temperatures, fps, etc),  an external application, or even a custom text loaded from a remote location.

  • Overlay for OpenGL, DirectX8, DirectX9, DirectX10 and DirectX111
  • Easily customize the information to be displayed.
  • Live Status, no need to be in-game to customize the displayed output, change it and see the live result in GOverlay before playing!
  • Without installing external applications such as AIDA64 or OHM, GOverlay will display CPU and GPU temperatures, usages, time and date, frame rate, latency and current DirectX version running (may vary depending on your hardware)
  • Support for two common applications to load the information they provide right into GOverlay:
    • AIDA64 Support:: Load the AIDA64 information into GOverlay,  shows battery display, network download/upload speeds, memory usage, swap utilization and much more.
    • Open Hardware Monitor: Load OHM (Free application) into GOverlay, this will display the temperatures, mhz, voltages and much more.
  • Support for remote information thru INI files: Load a INI file with the information you want into GOverlay, it will update regularly to display the latest information from your file.
  • Get notified by sound when your CPU or GPU temperatures or other data go over a specified value.
  • Log the highest value of the data you want, so in case your computer reboots while playing you can see how high the value was.
*1. the RTSS (Rivatuner Statistics Server) is a free application and is required for GOverlay to display the information into DirectX or OpenGL.