GOverlay Supports plugins, you can develop your own and interact with our LCD Screen to create your own elements and share them with the community!

If you developed a plugin and want us to host it, contact us!

The plugins are stored in your "Plugins" folder, example code is stored in "Examples" folder inside the "Plugins" folder.

Plugin Description Developer
Example Plugin GOverlay ships with an example plugin that will make use of all the available features to draw on the screen, this example is a good start for developers to work ok. TheLaGmAn
CrystalMark Disk Info GOverlay ships with an example plugin that connects with CystalMark Disk Info to retrieve Disks information. TheLaGmAn

How do plugins work/How to Develop?

Getting started (PDF Guide 2018 for LCDSysInfo 3.5'')

Check our HowTo on plugins

Check our Documentation on plugins