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Use GOverlay Plus wirelessly without a computer to display the information like Weather, Time, Calendar,
or connecting wirelessly to our GOverlayPlus App to get your usual sensors from your CPU, GPU, HDD, FANs.

Customize the display template in a completly new way, more powerful, intuitive and versatile than ever.

Share with the community as always to pick from hundred of designs, or be an enthusiast and create your own.

$99 GOverlay Plus 7.8"
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Your Design, Your Way

Customize your device, giving it a touch that's uniquely yours


Unleash your creativity and make your device truly one-of-a-kind. With our robust tools, you have the power to rearrange elements, adjust sizes, play with colors, and more.

Not into creating designs from scratch? No problem. Kick back and choose from our curated themes for a hassle-free experience from our shared themes section, where our vibrant community loves to showcase their incredible creations.

While we do provide default templates so you can use your device out-of-the-box, our main goal is to allow you to customize it as you desire and thats why we developed tools for you to use.

We provide you with the tools to do from shapes drawing (rectangles, circles, lines, etc) to the use of images as "sprites" to generate a rich envoirement in your display, as well of sensors to use with OpenHardwareMonitor, which is integrated in our app, so out of the box, you can have temperature, usage, fans, disks and audio information.

If this is not enough, we also provide the option to develop your own plugins to unleash the full potential of our device.


GOverlay Plus 7.8" specifications

  • CPU: Quad-core ARM Cortex-A53 @1.4GHz
  • GPU: Imagination PowerVR GE8300
  • Memory: LPDDR4 1GB
  • Storage: 8GB eMMC
  • Display: 7.8inch 1280x400 IPS LCD
  • WiFi: 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, 2.4GHz and 5Ghz
  • Input: 5keys D-pad and restart button
  • Connectivity: USB-A 2.0 (For USB Mouse/Keyboard)
  • Power Supply: USB Type C input (5V, 2A) (Included)
  • LAN (Optional): 10/100Mbps via USB
  • Size: 214x72x19.1(mm) , excl. extrusion and stand
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Connect to additional apps

With our plugin system you can connect GOverlay to virtually everything with the right skills, but if you dont know how to, other people might already done it for you!

COH2 COH3 HWiNFO Counter Strike 2 Race07 SIV ETS2 IL2 Cliffs of Dover

Personalize it your way

Explore our array of elements to craft a device that reflects your individuality


by GOverlay

Bar Gauge

by GOverlay


by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Image Sensor

by GOverlay

HTML code

by GOverlay


by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Weather Card

by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Weather Eff.

by GOverlay

Mario Bg

by GOverlay

Mario Running

by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Empty Square

by GOverlay

Square Gauge

by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Circular gauge

by GOverlay

Weather icons

by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Twitch Stream

by GOverlay


by GOverlay


by GOverlay

Configure them as you need, drag them around, position them where you want, and size them as you see fit

What's new in Plus?

* comparing to LCDSysInfo

  • GOverlayPlus runs on AndroidOS, connected wirelessly thru WiFi (2.4GHZ/5GHZ) to your GOverlay App thru internet.
  • The rendering and template system now runs on HTML5, and you can create elements with HTML5, JS and CSS.
  • Configuration of the templates and management of the device now runs on the cloud thru our website.
  • The GOverlayPlus APP is only for gathering computer sensors and it is only required if you wish to display those sensors.
  • You can have as many GOverlayPlus devices as you want, all can run and be configured indepentently under your account.
  • You can use multiple GOverlayPlus APPs in different computers, all reporting and available on a single or multiple devices.
  • GOverlayPlus does not require, nor have HDMI/DP ports, it only requires power thru USB-C so it does not need to be connected to a computer, it can and is recommended to be connected directly to a power outlet using a power adapter.
  • GOverlayPlus provides access to its operating system thru android ADB tools, we do not restrict the connection to the device and it can be modded altought we do not provide warranty under such scenarios.
  • GOverlayPlus screen can be turned off completly when your computer is shut down or on screen saver mode by enabling screen sync in your device settings.
  • Templates provide all the customization we provided on GOverlay plus a lot more, now users will be able to share custom elements for other people to use aside from just sharing templates.
  • GOverlayPlus screen is NOT a touchscreen, but it provides a 5-points joystick on the back to use the device menues and do the initial configuration, but you can also connect a mouse or keyboard, or both with the USB-A port on the unit to control it.

Compare to other products

Not sure about why Goverlay Plus is the best option? see what differences us

GOverlay Plus Similar devices
Does not require a PC
Does not require a free HDMI port or a cable going into a PC
Can be placed anywhere with just a power outlet nearby
Uses your PC CPU and GPU power to do the rendering
Can have unlimited devices per computer
Robust tools to create your own themes
Community themes sharing with integrated import/export into the platform
WiFI 2.4GHZ/5GHZ connectivity or LAN connectivity
Ability to monitor remote computers or servers that are not in your home network
Able to show additional template elements depending on APPs recognition, in conjunction with game modes to see the game stats only when a game loads in a computer
Can program elements and objects in HTML/JS language
Ability to connect to the device Android OS for modders via ADB tools
Can be modded to be placed inside a PC case without wires going out of the case via screw holes on the device*
*wifi signal dependant for GOverlay Plus
Ability to fetch and display information on the device from remote API server or IOT device with HTTP server
Stylish design glossy front panel without any metal frames
Invisible cable viewed from the front when using a angled USB-C power supply cable
Ability to connect to Bluetooth speakers to provide sound support (eg for youtube video element)
Ability to display the device’s itself health status, eg CPU GPU Usage and free RAM
Ability to control the brightness of the LCD manually or programmatically, like keeping the display on even though your PC monitor is turned off.
Ability to capture what is displayed on screen in static JPEG or video MP4 format

Backed by a great company

ColdTears Electronics is a known company in the electronics department for its screens and accessories for arduinos and other platforms

They have sold over 11.000 units of our LCDSysInfo product lineup, with half on eBay with over 9.500 score, gathering a 98.4% possitive feedback.

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