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LCDSysInfo powered by GOverlay

Use GOverlay to display information about your PC, your game, or anything you want.
AIDA64, HWInfo, OpenHardwareMonitor and other tools are implemented to enable you to show a wide variety of stats
and information in different graphical formats.

$27 LCDSysInfo 2.8"
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$35 LCDSysInfo 3.5"
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Customization at its finest

Personalize your device, make it your own


You can make your device look unique, and we encourage you to, using our powerful tools you can move the elements around, make them bigger, smaller, change its color, and much more.

But maybe creating new designs isnt your thing, if thats the case, dont worry, just relax and pick one of our themes we already provided for you to use, or if you cant find one of your liking, just browse our shared themes section, because our great community likes to share their creations.

Want to go the extra mile?

Our developer is always updating the product and this time, during the Covid-19 pandemic we are providing a MOD to our device for it to monitor the heart rate.

Read more here

While we do provide default templates so you can use your device out-of-the-box, our main goal is to allow you to customize it as you desire and thats why we developed tools for you to use.

We provide you with the tools to do from shapes drawing (rectangles, circles, lines, etc) to the use of images as "sprites" to generate a rich envoirement in your display, as well of sensors to use with OpenHardwareMonitor, which is integrated in our app, so out of the box, you can have temperature, usage, fans, disks and audio information.

If this is not enough, we also provide the option to develop your own plugins to unleash the full potential of our device.


2.8 Version

  • 2.8 inch screen, resolution of 320x240
  • 2MB of storage, Upload system by slots
  • 2 Font types
  • No screenshot support
  • No firmware updates
  • Template Export/Import support
  • All GOverlay sensors available
  • Released on 2014
Cables Selection

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3.5 Version

  • 3.5 inch screen, resolution of 480x320
  • 8MB of storage with FileSystem - Easy Upload
  • 5 Integrated fonts + Upload your own fonts
  • Device Screenshot Support
  • Firmware updates
  • Templates sharing community + Import/Export
  • All GOverlay sensors available
  • Released on 2017

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Expand your data!

With our plugin system you can connect GOverlay to virtually everything with the right skills, but if you dont know how to, other people might already done it for you!

COH2 AquaSuite HWiNFO CrystalMark DiskInfo Race07 SIV ETS2 IL2 Cliffs of Dover

Make it your own

Use all of our elements to make the device your own, make it unique!

Bar Graph BarGrow Circle Icon Needle Plot Graph Rectangle Slider Text Triangle Line

Configure them as you need, drag them around, position them where you want, and size them as you see fit

Step in VR, with GOverlay

We like to go the extra mile, and nowadays thats VR, GOverlay will accompany you to make sure you can play at your optimal FPS and keeping your hardware safe from overheating.

Backed by a great company

ColdTears Electronics is a known company in the electronics department for its screens and accessories for arduinos and other platforms

They have sold over 1.500 units of our product on ebay, with over 9.500 score, gathering a 98.4% possitive feedback.

Because our goal is to let you create your best device, ColdTears also provides a basic device that can be programed in windows and linux, only for developers!

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