Problem auto switching profiles

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Problem auto switching profiles

Postby Checkerknight » Sat Jan 11, 2020 8:58 pm

So I got one of these LCD's and I absolutely love it. Its not too difficult to customize a personal screen, and I thought I'd set up each game to have its own theme. I do have Rivatuner Statistics running and I've gotten a few games to work properly and they come up right away, but there are a couple that aren't working correctly. Mostly Red Dead Redemption 2. I do believe my problem lies within the Rockstar Launcher. When looking at the "Status" screen of Goverly the launcher shows up, and output reads "D3D10" which is what the launcher is running though. From here, even with RDR2 running, and the profile aptly named RDR2.exe, the profle will not switch. If I open the launcher specifically first (Rather than using the RDR2 shortcut) and then launcing the game from there, the output will read "Vulkan" which is what RDR2 runs through, but the profile still will not activate. The only way to fix it is to go to GOverlay while the game is running, click on the profile itself, and then it will trigger the blue screen read "DX Game Detected" and then switch to it automatically, even though I had already changed it manually.

TLDR - I guess what I'm asking is if there could be a way to have GOverlay ignore launcher type apps, or be able to set the output manually? Something along those lines.

If anymore info is needed let me know. It would be really cool to have all the themes launch properly with every game, for asthetic reasons :D
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