Profile: Universal-Stat for any configuration (LCD2)

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Profile: Universal-Stat for any configuration (LCD2)

Postby ExileTM » Wed Oct 06, 2021 7:34 am



Universal-Stat ™ is a one-of-a-kind profile as it fits all PC configurations, for example it can fit an Intel/nVidia, Ryzen/nVidia, Intel/Radeon building PC and any of your other configurations.
It can also be customized to fit any component you have installed. It supports all CPUs (AMD and Intel) and all graphics cards (nVidia and Radeon).

- CPU temperature with 3-stage adaptive icon (Low, Middle, High)
- GPU temperature with 3-stage adaptive icon (Low, Middle, High)
- CPU and GPU fan speeds
- Core GPU updated in real time (based on usage)
- CPU core update in real time (based on usage)
- Temperature and Space occupied by the Hard Disks (Where applicable)
- FPS in real time (required RivaTuner)
- Current screen resolution
- Current refresh rate your Monitor
- DirectX (or OpenGL ora Vulkan) version in foreground applications (required RivaTuner)
- Illuminated LED of the Hard Disk that simulates the operation between reading and writing (Idle, Write and Read)
- Plot Graphic which reports the operation of the CPU and GPU
- Date and Time
- Various network information
- Various information on RAM

v1.0 [06-10-2021]
- Initial release

v1.1 [07-10-2021]
- Fixed an issue where the top bar of the nVidia frame had the part reserved for the name moved more to the right than the others
- Fixed other minor graphics bugs
Image -------> Image

v1.2 [08-10-2021]
- In the performance chart (CPU & GPU), the grid with cleats and scale from 0 to 100 has been inserted.
Follow the guide in the second post for installation and an optimal result!

- Before taking action, read and understand all the instructions, then go back to the beginning and get started.
- Download (from the bottom of the post) the "" profile and save it on your computer in a location of your choice
- Once downloaded, open it with a double click, then the GOverlay software will open with a window where it will ask you to enter a name if necessary to be able to import it.
- Click on OK, in order to add it to the list of profiles already present.
- Now, before continuing in the GOverlay software, go back to this post and download the package of additional resources named Download resource pack (link at the bottom of the post).
- The window will open, with all the necessary resources.
- At the top right click on "Download as zip", wait for the download and then save it preferably in the same place where you saved the previously downloaded profile (only for a matter of organization).
- Unzip the zip file
- Well, now you have everything you need to finish the installation
- Now go back to the GOverlay software
- Go to the LCDSysInfo 3.5" section and then select the "Upload" tab
- Now in the right part "To Upload", click on the "Select files to upload" button
- Go to the path where you saved and unpacked the previously downloaded zip file
- Open the folder containing the additional material and according to your configuration, select the exact background and click on "Open" or "OK" (note the name of the file)
- The file will be added to the "To Upload" table
- Always using the "Select files to upload" button, select and access any other resources (such as the image for temperature monitoring and hard disk)
- Once the list in the table looks correct, you need to load it into the device
- Click on the "Upload list to the device" button and wait until completion
- Now from the profile list select the profile "universalstat" (or the name you gave it to the profile at the beginning)
- At the bottom right check that Background color is set to Black (38592)
- A little further down under "Background Image", select the background you have just loaded from the list
- Click on "Save and Apply" and you are done.

To make the most of GOverlay's potential, it is recommended to install the latest version of Aida64 and Open HM on your computer.
To work at its best and have no Layout problems, you need to download the basic images separately and load them through the Goverlay software inside your device.
Subsequently it will be necessary to select the exact background of profile if necessary.
Also remember to change the words "NAME MY CPU (and GPU)" with the names of your components (or whatever you want).
You can color the text according to the applied background (having the same color of the frame and the text), for a guide on how to do this check the forum!
I also recommend using the device's default fonts, in this case "Arial".
Once the profile is applied review the various sensors that may be different from my motherboard and adjust them according to your needs.
In the Goverlay program settings, select an update time of not less than one second, to avoid artifacts in the management of numbers and graphics.
To simplify installation, I report the decimal color codes to be used in the same color as the background (same color for the frame and name of your device) for the current configurations available (see above):
    AMD-nVidia = 54048-36544
    Intel-nVidia = 1247-36544
    AMD-Radeon = 54048-53445
    Intel-Radeon = 1247-53445
IMPORTANT: For any updates, it is not necessary to download the profile again, but only the pack of resources present in the "Download"

I remember that this profile was designed for the 3.5" LCDSysInfo device, more commonly known as LCD2

Here is a practical example:

Currently the possible configurations are (The images are for illustrative purposes only. They do not necessarily represent the current look of the backgrounds.):
    AMD-nVidia________________ Intel-nVidia
    Image Image

    AMD-Radeon_______________ Intel-Radeon
    Image Image

For any specific requests, you can ask here.

I thank Sub200 for the original idea from which this project
I thank DooMknight87 for the idea of the hard drive activity LED

For information, help, missing links, general support, or to simply leave a review, please reply to the topic.
Every now and then if you have nothing to do, come by ... you may find interesting updates and bug fixes.

In this link you will find all the material to load into your device, including the various backgrounds for the various configurations, the temperature sensors and the activity of the Hard Disks and possibly more ...
Please Note: The images in the link may be subject to updates and changes!
Download resource pack
Profile Universal-Stat for LCDSysInfo 3.5"
(790.94 KiB) Downloaded 449 times
Universal Stat
screenshot.jpg (24.79 KiB) Viewed 7447 times
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Re: Profile: universal stat (LCD2)

Postby ExileTM » Wed Oct 06, 2021 7:40 am

Version 1.2 new wallpaper installation guide:
In version 1.2 has been inserted the grid for the two graphs that represent in real time the performance of your CPU and GPU.
In addition to having to download the updated wallpaper (always from the link of the first post) and apply it through the GOverlay software, it is good to take a couple of things into consideration. As in the image below, you will have to enter your maximum "scale" of CPU and GPU power, entering the correct value (to have the highest possible fidelity).
For example, if you have a 3.7Ghz CPU (no matter how many cores), then you will have to enter 3700 as the value, same for a 4.2Ghz CPU, then you will enter 4200 and so on.
Same thing to do with your graphics card. Set the value of your GPU, going to change the value of the graph.

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Re: Profile: Universal-Stat for any configuration (LCD2)

Postby ExileTM » Fri Oct 08, 2021 9:30 pm

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Re: Profile: Universal-Stat for any configuration (LCD2)

Postby TheLaGmAn » Mon Oct 11, 2021 2:21 pm

Wow, thanks for sharing and the detailed guide! looks very cool
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