Profile: ExileTM (LCD2)

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Profile: ExileTM (LCD2)

Postby ExileTM » Sun Oct 03, 2021 2:15 pm


Welcome, this is my first profile. This profile is based on Intel CPU i5 9600K and nVidia RTX 2060 graphics card, if you want to use it you can freely modify the background image, perhaps to remove my Nickname (I will leave the background attached via link).

- CPU temperature with 3-stage adaptive icon (Low, Middle, High)
- GPU temperature with 3-stage adaptive icon (Low, Middle, High)
- CPU and GPU fan speeds
- Core GPU updated in real time (based on usage)
- Current CPU core
- Temperature and remaining life of the M2 SSD (Where applicable)
- FPS in real time
- Current screen resolution
- DirectX (or OpenGL) version in foreground applications
- Icon adaptive to hard disk activity (Idle, Write and Read)
- Bar graphs to visualize the use of components in real time

Changelog v1:
-Initial release

-Fixed an issue that prevented the CPU speed from updating correctly

:!: To work at its best and have no Layout problems, you need to download the basic images separately and load them through the Goverlay software inside your device. Subsequently it will be necessary to select the background of the ExileTM profile if necessary.
I also recommend using the device's default fonts, in this case "Arial".
Once the profile is applied review the various sensors that may be different from my motherboard and adjust them according to your needs.
In the Goverlay program settings, select an update time of not less than one second, to avoid artifacts in the management of numbers and graphics.

I remember that this profile was designed for the 3.5" LCDSysInfo device, more commonly known as LCD2

In this link you will find all the material to load into your device, including the background, the temperature sensors and the activity of the Hard Disks:

For information, help, missing links and general support, please reply to the topic
Profile ExileTM for LCDSysInfo 3.5"
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ExileTM Profile
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Re: Profile: ExileTM (LCD2)

Postby ExileTM » Sun Oct 03, 2021 4:31 pm

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