Profile: Republic of Drivers 3.0 (LCD2)

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Profile: Republic of Drivers 3.0 (LCD2)

Postby DooMknight87 » Fri May 21, 2021 3:19 pm

Here is the new version of the Republic of Drivers profile for GOverlay!


This time I made a visual overhaul, improving rough aspects of the previous versions and adding more sensors and info, always trying to maintain the maximum possible clarity.


You can also add elements from the previous profiles:
  • If you have sensors or icons customised from a previous version of a Republic of Drivers profile, you can use them in v3.0
    You just have to copy the element(s) from the old profile to the new one in the editor, and you will have your sensor working in the new profile!
  • If is the first time that you download any version of this profile, I've uploaded an extra image pack that includes elements such as new labels, alternative icons such as the fan icon, alternative backgrounds (including those from previous versions), etc. You can upload them to the screen in the upload section.

Important changes in 3.0 version
  • New background image:
    Hardware usage labels have been replaced by icons.
    The bottom red bars have been stylized, they now have a gradient effect. Now the two bars come from the background.
  • Date has been moved to the upper right corner with the same font as clock.
  • Added new icons to all main sections:
    Image Image Lightning icon with dynamic color (no visible, white or red) to indicate the use (low, normal, high), or the voltage in case of having a sensor for it.
    Image Warning icon with dynamic color (no visible or red) to indicate excessive temperature (user can change threshold in both cases).
    On mem section, the warning icon by default shows when memory usage is near 100% (+90%), but if you have a mem temp sensor you can assign to it.
  • Removed the needles:
    This version is based on the Digital Edition, the needles version is now an alternative profile, if I see someone requesting it I will made one.
  • Bigger plot graphics
  • Changed use mem plot to mem speed in mhz.
  • Added use percentage in CPU and GPU, to offer more accurate data.
  • Smallest disk indicators to span up to 4 drives.
  • New dynamic upload / download speed meters, now toggle between kbps (when 1MB) based on speed.
  • Added volume percentage next to its icon.
  • Added outside temperature sensor (room).
  • Remade drawing order of the elements.
  • All elements now uses the same font.
  • Added masterrace icon ;) (optional)
  • Better layout:
    Now it's easier to make changes to the elements or put and remove the ones you want

Here is the a compressed file with a handful of images to add or change, such as text images (ghz, mb, kb...), farenheit icons or disks images for different types with 32px and 40px sizes and many more... **UPDATED TO 3.0**
Download extra images pack

The profile consists of 4 sections:
  1. CPU section
    Here is the plot graphic and the animated Lightning, caution and gauge images with the CPU utilization sensor.
    In addition to the temperature, use % and speed in mhz and clock in the upper corner.
  2. GPU section
    It is the central section and shows the same as in the CPU section but with the values relative to the graphics card. Below I have subtly added a video memory bar in the red bar separator.
  3. Memory section
    This section shows the amount of used/free memory, percentage of use, with a value that turns red if it exceeds 85%, mem clock and an animated gauge images with the same sensor.
  4. Miscellaneous section
    In the new default layout there are two rows:
    1. One with the information of the hard drives, the drives icons are still animated (like in 1.2), showing the status through colors (idle black, reading white, writing orange) and the letter.
    2. At last I've placed information related to the network, with the animated upload/download icon, the kbps/mbps counter for both, internal IP and ping with animated network quality icon.
      Finally I put dynamic volume icon, porcentage and outside temp sensor with also a dynamic icon

As already commented before, these sections are completely customizable, being able to change all the elements, allcan be moved, removed or changed at will of the user, using the images of the extra image pack or new from scratch. Soon I will upload some examples of alternative layouts.

Finally, I hope you enjoy the profile and try to customize it yourself. You can show here your personal mod so that other users can see and replicate it!

You are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format; and remix, transform, and build upon the material. If you do so, you must give appropriate credit.
ASUS ROG logo are property of their respective owners.
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Re: Profile: Republic of Drivers 3.0 (LCD2)

Postby DooMknight87 » Fri May 21, 2021 3:19 pm

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Re: Profile: Republic of Drivers 3.0 (LCD2)

Postby muratjoest » Thu Jun 24, 2021 12:24 am

Best Profil. Thanks :-)
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Re: Profile: Republic of Drivers 3.0 (LCD2)

Postby Sharovski » Thu Jun 24, 2021 6:57 am

This is realy slick! I love it.

If some profiles squares looks to be crossed over with a pink color, does it mean it can't read the information properly?

I just got my screen yesterday and would really love to make this one work correctly.
I can't really figure out why my fans arent showing in my current borrowed layout.

Have imported the time and date from ROD 3.0, but hope to switch to this one entirely when I figure out how it works correctly
I have downloaded Open Hardware Monitor, but do I also need to subscribe/pay for AIDA64, to get this one working?
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