LCDInfo with Aida64

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LCDInfo with Aida64

Postby xneo70 » Thu Oct 14, 2021 6:18 pm

As i already bought the AIDA64 software, i was wondering how this display can be made working with this software.
I tried but i didn't find how. There are no Plugins reguarding Aida64, and in aida software, i cannot fint any reference to LCDInfo 2.0.

So anybody can help out of this? All answers appreciated. Thanks

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Re: LCDInfo with Aida64

Postby TheLaGmAn » Mon Nov 08, 2021 10:00 pm

Open GOverlay, go to the sensors tab and then AIDA64, at the bottom there is a short explanation on how to enable the sensors.
Basically, on AIDA64 go to File > Preferences > External Applications > Enable writing sensor values to registry and select the sensors you want GOverlay to be able to see
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