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Overall resource usage

Postby SndChsr » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:41 pm

Hi folks,
So I bought this thing and still waiting for delivery. After roughly 15 years of relying on my Logitech G15 which by now looks like it has survived a nuclear conflict, I was desperate to find an alternative.

How is this thing on overall resource usage when one is running Aida or HWinfo along with GOverlay? I know that the G15 didn't require very many resources to give me my RAM/CPU stats. How is this thing compared to that?

Additionally, the one I ordered from the official website link to ebay shows it in a nice plastic frame. But I see some that are in an open style holder. I would prefer the all enclosed frame as shown on ebay. Is that an older model? What can I expect when it arrives?

Thanks for any info!

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Re: Overall resource usage

Postby TheLaGmAn » Mon Nov 11, 2019 12:35 am


The old design came with an open frame, the new one is a closed-case.

The resources, im the developer so i cant say much other than to me, its an acceptable usage, it depends on how many sensors you are using, i have a lot and the usage is around 1% with an i7.
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